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Anti Hair Regrowth Serum


The only certified organic and doubly tested anti-hair regrowth serum
In order to offer you the best organic anti-hair regrowth serum , Acorelle have worked for nearly 3 years in partnership with the Atoxigen laboratory, to understand the hair cycle . Funded by the Aquitaine region, their research enabled them to identify 3 genetic biomarkers (or factors) involved in hair regrowth, and to measure their rate of inhibition.
They therefore carried out 2 different tests in order to observe how these 3 genetic factors acted on hair growth:
1 test on human skin explants , and 1 test on you , the consumers concerned, and here is what they found:

For the tests carried out on human skin explants (that is to say, on 1 cm² of skin resulting from cosmetic surgery), it was observed that:

  • The presence of the cell multiplication factor FGF-7 (determining factor in the launch of a new hair cycle) is reduced to 98% 

  • The conversion of testosterone by 5α-reductase (which is an enzyme stimulating hair growth and hair loss) into DHT is inhibited by 70%

  • And, the IGF-1 receptor no longer transmits a growth signal to hair cells at 85%

For the tests that we carried out for 1 month on you, consumers concerned by hair problems, you were able to observe more than satisfactory results on 4 targeted anti-regrowth actions:

  • 93% of women note a slower regrowth

  • 87% of women note less hair 

  • 77% of women report softer skin 

  • 73% of women note finer hair 

 And more in 56 days: 90% / 93% / 80% / 90%

A synergy of 3 plant active ingredients to act on hair growth
The main active ingredient in this organic anti-regrowth serum is organic black truffle extract . This extract helps orient stem cells to form skin, rather than new hair.
To this organic black truffle extract,
organic tiger nut oil has been added . Traditionally used for its formidable anti-regrowth properties, tiger nut oil is also rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids . The skin is thus protected from dehydration and therefore from premature aging.
Finally, the 3rd plant active ingredient in this organic anti-regrowth serum is
wax tree extract . It inhibits the receptors that stimulate hair growth in order to reduce them as much as possible.

An intensive program to the hair
This organic anti-regrowth serum is 5x more concentrated in active ingredients than  Acorelle organic anti-regrowth face cream .

Thanks to its very fluid texture and its formula suitable for all skin types, it is instantly absorbed for an optimized action.

This pretty pipette bottle is ideal for simplified use , as a 28-day treatment on specific areas of the body and face (armpits, forearms, stomach, etc.).

100% of natural origin , the flowery scent of this organic anti-regrowth serum will leave your skin delicately scented. 
A hair solution for effective post-depilation care!

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